03 - December - 2011

  • Soil maual for rice production - identifications, classifications and management. This manual provides a simple method for identifying the man rice growing soilsof Cambodia. It has been widely used by agronomists and extension workers.
  • Land suitability classifications - methodology for field crops. This helps researchers and extension workers assess soil suitability for field crops based on agronomic characteristics of the soil.
  • Soil maps. They cover the main rice growing areas and the major upland soils as a tool for supporting land use and development planning in Cambodia.
  • Fertilizer recommendations for rice and field crop productions. This provides basic economic rates of NPK which farmers could afford to apply for reasonable yield.
  • Soil Database. It contains about 1700 information data of the major agricultural soils in Cambodia.
  • Publications. Research findings were published in various journals, conference proceedings and report at national and international levels.
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