03 - December - 2011


CARDI Plant Protection Division conducts researches and gathers data on pests and pest control practices through field-based research, evaluates management practices for key pests, improves upon those practices and integrates the practices into a functional pest management system for Cambodian farmers. Current research and development activities include:
  • Identify pests and natural enemies in rice and upland crops
  • Evaluate upland crops for resistance to major pests
  • Document farmers' pest control practices in upland crops
  • Assess the level damage of rats and insect pests in rice store and evaluate the control method on rats
  • Identify and curate herbarium specimens and isolate of pathogens and other principal crops present in Cambodia
  • Evaluate the distribution, prevalence, severity and priority for future work of rice disease occurring in Cambodia
  • Develop, test and, if appropriate promote some best-bet Integrated Disease Management strategies for several major diseases
  • Evaluate the rice yield loss by the diseases
  • Determine the banana Fusarium wilt disease severity and incidence in Cambodia
  • Develop and test techniques for monitoring, prevention and controlling pests
  • Integrate these methods into a practical pest management program
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