02 - December - 2011

CARDI Inauguration The Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute was officially established by sub-decree Number 74 of 16 August 1999. It was created as a legal entity under the management of a director who reports to a government appointed board of directors. Its status is equivalent to a government department. In December 1999 by sub-decree number 552, Dr Men Sarom was named as the first director of the institute, and Mr Leang Sam Hat was assigned as the first chairman of the institute board of directors.  The institute  is semi-autonomous but is subject to technical and budget approval by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries (MAFF) and for financial approval by the Ministry of Finance and Economics (MFE).Inauguration

While CARDI was being established, the project received direction from a project steering committee chaired by MAFF Secretary of State May Sam Oeun.  Also represented were the departments of agronomy and agricultural engineering within MAFF, IRRI, AusAID and the Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Extension Project (CAAEP).

The inauguration was conducted on November 21, 2000. Landmark speeches reinforced to all present the importance of CARDI for the future development of Cambodia.

CARDI is Cambodia’s first administrative public enterprise with its own legal status and financial autonomy… I am confident that CARDI will be instrumental in raising public awareness on the benefits of research.  More importantly the institute will play a crucial role in linking up researchers, extension workers and farmers, an important factor in agricultural modernization in Cambodia.  Agricultural experts and extension specialists trained by CARDI will be obliged to transfer the acquired agricultural technology, knowledge and know-how to farmers in rural areas with the view to improving agricultural productivity and product quality.  Moreover, CARDI should also have an important role to play in networking with regional and international research institutes and centers [sic] to strengthen the cooperation in research and exchange of experiences, outcomes and technical information of scientific value. –  Address by Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia Samdech Hun Sen (November 21, 2000)

At the inauguration, the creation of CARDI was attributed to the twelve-year Cambodia-IRRI-Australia Project and the Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC) purchase of the 70ha CARDI site.  Donors, principally AusAID, were also acknowledged as having provided most support to the CARDI establishment.  The institute now has a professional staff of just over 40, including some who are completing postgraduate training abroad.

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