06 - December - 2011


Since it's beginning the Training and Information Centre has provided over 8000 training opportunities to Cambodian scientists, technical support staff and others. These include 3236 in-country opportunities, 246 overseas short-term opportunities, 88 opportunities for overseas study tours and conferences and 2750 for in-country workshops and conferences.

In 1997, in collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute the Training and Information Centre was redesigned to include not only research activities but also management training.

What can CARDI's Training and Information Centre Offer?

CARDI has a team of motivated and highly qualified agricultural scientists, social scientists and engineers all willing to share their knowledge. The center itself has been engaged in providing training services for several years and possesses a modern and well-equipped training room.  

CARDI 's Training and Information Centre manages all training activities, with resource personnel drawn from the Institute's professional staff, and occasionally supplemented by individuals from other organizations. Each year as many as 15 courses are offered and over 400 individuals attend training events. Many courses are conducted at CARDI's modern facilities while other are delivered in the field where trainees can apply their newly acquired knowledge under typical Cambodian condition.
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